Manage your Translation Work-flow


We use our custom built software TransFLOW© to manage the workflow of the documents to be translated. This software enables us to see at a glance the progress of each document and ensuring the effective management of each task to a definitive deadline.  

The benefits of TransFLOW© include reporting and data export ability, work distribution and visibility, client invoicing, prioritisation and appropriate allocation, improving productivity and management capability and accessibility of data on the move.


Other Translation Software

Cyfatebol investes in translation memory and technical software which supports the management of version control in addition to and intelligent learning related to translation tasks. Whilst Cyfatebol is keen not to place too much of a reliance on translation memory the software does have numerous advantages including:

Ensuring consistency of terminology across multiple settings and improve the efficiency of the translation processes and facilitating the ability to incorporate new processes.

Connect to shared Translation Memories and Terminology databases with a client organisation user account and a simple internet connection. New and updated entries are immediately visible among colleagues.

The other benefits include preparing terminology lists which facilitate greater consistency in the use of technical terms.